Cherry Blossoms and Moon at Matsuyama Castle………..Kawase Hasui

cherry blossom and moom....kawase hasui

Full moon shining bright

showing off cherry blossoms

stone paths night delight………………..Kay Warford


Last Meeting is April 30,2018

The assignment for the next meeting is to write any story that you would like to share. If you would like to bring a treat that would be lovely.I will provide drinks, plates etc.


After the spring rain

the Flint River is swollen

rain drops on my hair


Flint after a rain 4-24-18 005

Assignment for March 26th Class



Please bring your Joy Journals to class next Monday, 3-26, and any stories you have written from the postcard you chose last week.

If you were not here, select any artists’ piece and write what the art inspires.See you soon and great work on the two artists we used and on your thoughts about listening.

A wonderful theme of stillness and listening deeply was woven throughout by your works. Dadirii…may we practice it every day..


Session 2 March 12, 2018.

the tree of life painting..miriam rose ungunmerr-Baumann

The painting above is called the Tree of Life by Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Bauman. It hangs in St.Mary’s Cathedral, Darwin, Australia.

There is a description on- line about what the artist intended but what  does this painting say to you?


If you chose, you may use another of Ungunmerr-Bauman’s works or you may select from the paintings of local artist Silvia Garcia-Carreras Feenaghty. Her works can be found on-line.This one is called “Butterfly.”



This assignment will be due on March 19. See you then and thank you for the many very good stories that you shared tonight.