Last Session Today-Next Session begins March 4th through April 29, 2020.

I would like to suggest as a means of living in the moment and savoring life, that we all write one haiku a day….this is mine for today.IMG_1585

on a plain sidewalk

unnoticed by passersby

a perfect red leaf




Many thanks for the delicious spread we shared to celebrate, commiserate the end of our session for this year.We shared stories of how the art and poetry, items and in class offerings changed us but more importantly, how our own lives have been blessed by the words of each other.

Over the winter, I hope to add an art piece now and again. Please feel free to write and send me stories that are inspired by the art. If you have something else you have created that you want shared with the group, I will try to post it here. Keep writing, keep believing in your talent and voice.

I would ask for comments if you do use this site so I know that I am posting for a purpose.

The art that I selected for these few weeks are:

Winter Sun by Alex Colvillealex-colville-winter-sun-2005

Rio Grande by Tom Leario grande

and a photo of Winter Solstice.full moon at winter solstice

Is there a story there?



Assignment for 10-30. Write any story you wish, if possible, bring a treat and have in mind an artist we can hold in prayer.

listen listen 10-23-19

before the threshold...The cards are called “The Teachings of Abraham Well-being” cards by Esther and Jerry Hicks…..Many thanks for the stories that were shared and  the wisdom that comes through each of you to the rest of us.

We are learning from each other that our way of thinking is a choice and that we can find joy through sharing our stories and creative talents.A hardy Welcome Back to Joyce.Thank you,Antoinette for the beautiful  prayer above.See you next Wednesday.

“When the eyes and ears are open, even the leaves on the trees teach like the pages from Scripture.” Kabir….

Assignment for 10-23-19 Write what this art inspires.


Patio Door with Green leaf-O’Keeffe

patio door and a grren leaf

Books Discussed-

“The Spirituality of Imperfection”-Ernest Kurtz ,

“Wabi Sabi “-Beth Kempton

“In Praise of Slowness”-Carl Honore


the way of zen

Questions about Winter: do you feel about the approach of winter?

…Look back in appreciation over the last year and mention some things that you are grateful for…

….If you were to make a plan to deepen your spiritual life in this hibernation time, what would it look like?

Assignment for 10-26-19 Choose one of the postcards below and write a story that the art inspires.

postacrds 2 10-09-19 When we started 4 years ago, I had no idea how blessed I would be hearing the stories of these talented writers. Today, Washing Day brought unique memories written beautifully, a story about using wash day for prayer. How a memory of a Grandparents art on the wall can bring happy thoughts. A collage of myriad articles gave us a rich tale of life in a lighthouse and finds on a beach.

Winslow Homer painted Fisher Women and that led to a discussion of that kind of a life.

We repeated the guided imagery of laying our brown muslin bag of cares and concerns at Christ’s mutilated feet. One member was too distracted to go down the path and we appreciated the honesty.

Thank you all for your gifts shared with each other.Can’t wait to see what the postcards inspire.

The life you are ...10-09-19


Assignment for 10-16-19. Choose one of the postcards below and write what the art inspires.

postacrds 2 10-09-19When we began 4 years ago I had no idea how blessed I would be listening and learning from these talented writers. Many wrote about Wash Day in Jamaica. The memories of that with beautiful imagery, how wash day can be used as a day of prayer. How recalling art that hung on a Grandparents wall could bring good thoughts.We heard thoughts on life in a lighthouse and all the things that we could glean from what washes up on shore.This from a collage. Brilliant.

Winslow Homer painted Women Fishers”.Who knew, and we discussed that art piece and what that might mean.

A Guided Imagery took us back to placing our cares, concerns, in a brown muslin bag and laying them at the feet of Jesus.We all noted that the only life worth living is the one in the present.

I can’t wait to hear what the postcards inspire.Thank you…so much for being here.


Assignment for 10-09-19

Many thanks for the feedback given and for all the unique and beautiful writing that was shared. You always are up to any challenge and we are growing together.

From the two artists below, select one piece of art and write what it inspires.

rhoda-jackson-wash-day 7 optimizedRhoda Jackson ,Wash Day

As information, I cannot, at this time, locate the site mentioned below.I get a message that they have closed it down.The art collage below can still be used but, for now,I don’t know how to retrieve any others. I will update when I get more information.God bless…The correct address is ..

collage 8

Assignment due 10-02-19. No meeting on 9-25.

do not be dismayed ..y



Wonderful gathering.We spoke of gratitude, started our Tent Journaling and finished up the unshared  stories inspired by Isaac Murdoch’s art piece. A Van Gogh painting of a chair and a Homer ocean scene were stories offered .They were  full of rich imagery and connections to the water in the Murdoch art and a  vision of St.Therese Couderc. Well done. We seem to be weaving a brilliant, connecting tapestry among us with God as the Weaver.

We were inspired by a quote by L.R. Knost…”Do not be dismayed..”.. which is above and the vision about Goodness by St.Therese Couderc. This is so much more than about writing.

From the works of the two artists Robin Moline and Caspar David Friedrich, select one artist and one of their paintings and bring a copy of that piece and your story to class to share. Also, bring one day’s tent entries either written or sketched or both.

Antoinette and Patricia volunteered to bring a piece of work from an artist and we will use those for our homework assignments  from the Oct 2nd class.Thank you for offering.

Robin Moline-Bird’s Eye View


Monastery Graveyard in the Snow.